District Federation of Trade Unions invited calligraphers to the company to send "blessings"

On January 18, the District Federation of Trade Unions organized a calligraphy public welfare activity of "Send Wanfu to Wanjia", inviting calligraphers of the District Calligraphers Association to enter the company and send Spring Festival couplets and the character "Fu" to employees for free, combining the blessings of the festival with the taste of the new year. delivered to employees in advance.


At the event site, the calligraphy was fragrant and the atmosphere was warm. The calligraphers create with their hearts, and between the ups and downs of the brush and ink, the Spring Festival couplets written in italics, running script and official script are presented, and the characters "Fu" with various fonts and styles appear on the paper. The employees are full of enthusiasm, and their joy and festivity are beyond words. The content of the Spring Festival couplets includes not only the beautiful vision of saying goodbye to the Year of the Ox and welcoming the Year of the Tiger, but also the inspirational songs of peace and auspiciousness and the pursuit of dreams of the times. The red Spring Festival couplets that filled the house brightened the faces of the workers who came to receive them, and warmed their hearts even more.


This event conveys the flavor of the New Year and expresses the true feelings, adding a festive atmosphere to the upcoming New Year, bringing strong New Year blessings to the employees of the company, and sending the cordiality of the "mother's family" in the cold winter and twelfth lunar month to the employees. Caring and New Year wishes.