The company's innovation project won the third prize of Shandong Province Equipment Manufacturing Technology Innovation Award

Recently, Shandong Equipment Manufacturing Association commended the 2021 Shandong Equipment Manufacturing Technology Innovation Award-winning project. The company's "GBX2600/5×7L (8 feet) panel intelligent production line key technology and equipment" won the Shandong Provincial Equipment Manufacturing The third prize of the Manufacturing Technology Innovation Award was commended.

The award-winning projects in this commendation are based on the evaluation method of Shandong Equipment Manufacturing Science and Technology Innovation Award (recorded by the Provincial Science and Technology Department), and have been comprehensively evaluated by the Science and Technology Innovation Award Expert Selection Committee. The purpose is to commend Shandong equipment manufacturing enterprises and related departments. Make outstanding contributions in scientific and technological innovation and product research and development, stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of scientific and technological innovation in the province's equipment manufacturing industry, promote technological progress and product innovation in the province's equipment manufacturing industry, and promote the transformation and upgrading of Shandong's equipment manufacturing industry. high-quality development.


The key technologies and equipment of GBX2600/5×7L (8 feet) smart panel production line are mainly composed of BZY4126C log loading machine, BBP2600G-1 log peeling and rounding machine, SLK2600/5F CNC non-clamping rotary cutting machine, BJG1326F CNC roll cutting machine It consists of veneer shearing machine, BDD1126/2-6B veneer automatic two-in-one unwinding machine and other equipment. The project has established an intelligent continuous control system for thin veneer production; the production line is designed with log centering devices from wood loading, rounding to rotary cutting to prevent logs from deviating; the rotary cutting machine without clamping shaft is driven by single and double-roller servo drive , CNC pressure gauge, CNC single-roller feed, CNC back angle control and other technologies, through the established CNC model, the four-axis intelligent drive for rotary cutting without clamping shaft is realized, which improves the thickness accuracy and surface quality of the surface plate, and reduces the veneer. Back cracking phenomenon; the veneer automatic stacking machine adopts the airflow adsorption function, and uses the clamping device and blanking device with independent intellectual property rights to improve the stacking stability of the veneer and effectively reduce the damage rate of the veneer. The project has applied for a total of 9 patents, including 2 authorized invention patents and 4 authorized utility model patents. The overall technology of the equipment has reached the international advanced level, among which the four-axis intelligent drive technology of non-card shaft rotary cutting is at the international leading level.