Company employee Gao Daming won the title of Chief Technician of Weihai City

Recently, Weihai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau announced the list of chief technicians in Weihai City, and the company's employees are on the list.

This selection is for the in-depth implementation of the strategy of strengthening the city with talents, to create a team of innovative, applied and skilled high-skilled talents, to drive more workers to become skilled and employable, and to provide powerful skills for the construction of "exquisite city, happy Weihai". Talent support, according to "Weihai City Chief Technician Selection and Management Measures", a total of 15 people were selected after being studied by the municipal talent work leading group and reported to the municipal government for approval.

Comrade Gao Daming is willing to study assembly technology and has the courage to innovate. After years of work practice, his product assembly skills have achieved a qualitative leap, the qualified rate of assembled products has reached 100%, and the customer satisfaction rate has reached 100%. He has become an expert in the workshop, driving the The improvement of the company's product assembly accuracy and product quality, thereby improving the product competitiveness of the company's products. In order to meet the needs of the continuous development of the market, he also continuously learns and uses new technologies and new processes to enhance and improve his own assembly capabilities, and applies them to production practices, making outstanding contributions to the company's product quality improvement and new product research and development. Has become a veritable fitter technician and enterprise production backbone.


His superb skills have played a role in the company's new product research and development, and solved many problems in the design of new product research and development, such as unreasonable design, process lag, and product quality failing to meet design requirements, and achieved good economic benefits and social benefit. In recent years, it has directly participated in the R&D and trial production of more than 20 new products, 13 of which have passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements, and the technical level has filled the domestic gap, leading domestically and internationally. The innovation studio he led was rated as Shandong Province Innovation Studio, and his innovative achievements won the second prize of Weihai Employee Innovation Achievement for many times. Apprentice Master and other titles.