The company's Gao Daming Innovation Studio won the "2021 Shandong Model Worker and Craftsman Talent Innovation Studio"

Recently, the Shandong Federation of Trade Unions issued the "Notice on the Announcement of the 2021 Shandong Model Workers and Craftsman Talent Innovation Studios", announcing 50 studios as the 2021 Shandong Model Workers and Craftsman Talent Innovation Studios. The company's Gao Daming Innovation Studio is on the list.

The selection is based on the declaration of the grass-roots trade union, and after layers of screening, experts from the provincial federation of trade unions will conduct on-the-spot inspections of the shortlisted units, focusing on the basic situation of the studio, the construction of the studio team, the innovation of the studio, and the role of the studio. And selected.


Founded in 2017, Gao Daming Innovation Studio was named a municipal innovation studio in 2018, and was named a municipal demonstration innovation studio in 2019. The establishment and effective operation of the studio has cultivated a group of high-quality skilled talents, promoted the technological innovation of the enterprise, enhanced the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and promoted the pace of transformation, transformation and upgrading of the company's old and new kinetic energy. The studio has formulated relevant management systems, further clarified the management measures and work priorities of the innovation studio, and guided the employees of the innovation studio to work in a standardized and orderly manner. In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the studio members, it has been formulated that all employees who have won the company and superior innovation achievement awards and won the skills competition awards at all levels will be commended by the company at a conference and given the same bonus. Through organizing and carrying out technical research, management innovation, scientific research and other activities, effectively solve the bottleneck problems of the unit's technological development and management process, innovate with problems, explore problems with strong motivation, and stimulate the subjective kinetic energy of employees to innovate It has played the role of "passing, helping and leading" model workers and craftsmen, and achieved the effect of leading the face with a point and making innovations among the masses.


Relying on the innovation studio, we regularly carry out employee skill training and skill competitions, and all front-line production workers participate in this activity. Through skill training and technical competition, the skill level of employees has been improved, and outstanding players have been selected to participate in the district and city skill competitions. In 2018, it won the first place in the group total score of the Economic Zone Vocational Skills Competition and the third place in the Weihai CNC Milling Worker. In 2019, it won the first place in five types of work in the District Vocational Skills Competition, and the third, fourth and fifth place in each type of work in the Weihai City Skills Competition. In 2020, it achieved excellent results of 2 firsts, 1 second, 1 third, 2 fifths, and 1 sixth place in the Weihai Vocational Skills Competition for various types of work.

Innovation has achieved outstanding results. In the past three years, a total of 12 innovative achievements of the studio have passed the technical appraisal, and the technical performance has reached the leading domestic and international advanced level. The 7 innovation achievements of the innovation studio won the third prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award, the second and third prizes of Shandong Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award, the Shandong Enterprise Technology Innovation Award and the first and second prizes of innovation achievements; 7 achievements won Municipal staff innovation achievement award; 5 national utility model patents. Annual technological innovation and rationalization proposal projects 350 items, which can increase the company's efficiency by nearly 10 million yuan. Among them, the improvement of the log peeling machine not only solves the problem of log sticking, but also improves the yield of the machine tool. Each set of equipment can save users more than 800 cubic meters of wood resources per year. The production line passed the technical appraisal organized by the China Forest Machinery Association in 2020, and its overall technical performance has reached the international advanced level.

The studio actively carries out the activities of mentoring and apprenticeship, and formulates the system of famous teachers and apprentices and the incentive mechanism for rewards and punishments. 20 middle and senior technicians signed apprenticeship contracts, and in 2020, 10 members obtained the professional qualification certificates of technicians and senior technicians.