Company employee Cui Yantang won the title of Outstanding Communist Party Member in Weihai City

Recently, the Weihai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China held a commendation meeting to honor 120 outstanding Communist Party members who emerged from various fronts in the city. Cui Yantang, the company's process inspector, was awarded the title of Outstanding Communist Party Member in Weihai City.


Cui Yantang is conscientious in his own job, strictly demands himself, loves his job, is diligent and pragmatic, works hard, and strictly controls the craftsmanship and quality. In the workshop, I always influence each colleague as a member of the Communist Party, treat each colleague like a brother and sister, and always transmit the warmth of the party to each colleague through myself, so that everyone can feel the big family. Warm and drive them to contribute their own strength to the development of the enterprise.

In order to improve his comprehensive quality, he learned new technologies, new techniques and new methods through self-study or participated in "golden blue-collar" training and other forms, and continuously improved his theoretical level. Through his efforts, he obtained the senior technician professional qualification certificate. In order to improve the company's overall testing capabilities, the company purchased advanced laser scanners, bridge measuring machines, desktop spectrometers and other high-precision testing equipment. He used his spare time to study the performance and operating skills of these equipment, and quickly mastered each The use of various instruments and the use of these advanced equipment have greatly improved the company's quality inspection level and inspection accuracy, laying a solid foundation for improving product quality. He also formulated the 331 rule to improve product quality: namely, "three consciousnesses": self-inspection awareness, mutual inspection awareness, and special inspection awareness; "three controls": first inspection control, inspection control, and final inspection control; method": PDCA method.