The company organized employees to watch the "Ecological Environment Safety Warning Educational Film"

In order to strengthen the management and investigation of potential environmental safety hazards in the company, and popularize the knowledge of ecological environment safety. On the afternoon of April 7, the company organized all employees to watch the "Ecological and Environmental Safety Warning Educational Film" collectively to enhance the ecological and environmental safety awareness of all employees of the company.


Ecological environment refers to the general term for the quality of organisms, land, water resources and climate resources that are closely related to human survival and development. Eco-environmental problems refer to the negative feedback behaviors that people transform and utilize the environment in order to seek their own development, but cause environmental damage and pollution, which endanger human survival. There are two reasons for the ecological problems. One is the unreasonable use and development of natural resources, such as deforestation, large-scale steep slope reclamation, soil degradation, and land loss. The second is the pollution caused by the development of human life and industrial and agricultural production, such as the random discharge of industrial waste gas, the discharge of sewage without purification, littering of garbage, and the use of disposable items.

For a long time, the traditional way of development has caused serious damage to my country's ecological environment. At present, my country is committed to taking the road of sustainable development, pursuing the common development of ecological environment and social economy, and has intensified efforts in governance and investigation. According to the unified deployment of the superior government, the company actively participated in this activity, established a leading group for the management of environmental safety hazards headed by the general manager, and formulated relevant measures for the management of environmental safety hazards. The company uses various publicity tools such as publicity boards, company WeChat groups, and watching educational films to publicize the knowledge and preventive measures of environmental safety hazards to employees, and employees' awareness of prevention has been significantly enhanced. At present, the company's environmental safety hazards management and investigation and other activities are being carried out in an orderly manner as required, and have achieved obvious results.