Yu Fuwan, Vice Chairman of Weihai Federation of Trade Unions and his party visited the company for investigation

On March 9, Yu Fuwan, Vice Chairman of Weihai City Federation of Trade Unions, and his party went to the company for a research and discussion on the construction of Weihai Craftsman College into the enterprise and the construction of a new stage of labor relations coordination mechanism. Vice Minister of the Organization Department of Weihai Economic and Technological Zone, Chairman of the District Federation of Trade Unions Xu Lili, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Gushan Town, Mayor Che Yonggang and other leaders accompanied the investigation and discussion.


Yu Fuwan and his party went deep into the production workshop to learn about the company's production and processing equipment, talent team and the construction of the skill master studio. Xu Weicai, the company's chairman and general manager, introduced the company's high-precision CNC machining equipment, high-tech skills to Yu Fuwan and his party in detail. Talents play a role in production, etc. Yu Fuwan spoke highly of the company's processing capabilities and talent team building, which will provide a better practice venue and talent team for the skills training of Weihai Craftsman College.


At the symposium, Yu Fuwan introduced the idea of ​​building the Weihai Craftsman College, hoping that the construction of the college will provide a better learning place for the high-skilled talents of the enterprise, make due contributions to the local construction of Weihai, and at the same time listen to the enterprise's feedback on Advice and suggestions on building the college. Xu Weicai said that the company will vigorously support the construction of Weihai Craftsman College, and provide it with the best practice venues and trained high-skilled talents, promote the further improvement of the skills of the company's high-skilled talents with practical actions, and lay a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the company. Base.


At the symposium, Xu Weicai introduced to the research team the construction of the company's labor relations coordination mechanism in the new stage, and the members of the research team fully affirmed our company's practices in developing the new stage of labor relations mechanism construction. Emphasize that through the systematic work of the trade union organization, unblock and standardize the channels for the expression of demands, coordination of interests, and protection of rights and interests of the workers and the masses, improve various mediation and linkage work systems, and build a comprehensive labor relationship for source prevention and control, investigation and sorting, dispute resolution, and emergency response. Coordination mechanism, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, promote the healthy and innovative development of enterprises, build harmonious labor relations, and maintain social stability and safety.