The company has won a number of district and town awards

Recently, at the 2020 Summary and Commendation Conference held by the Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone Working Committee and Management Committee, the company was commended for its outstanding work in safety production. At the 2020 Summary and Commendation Conference held by the Party Committee and the government of Gushan Town, the company was awarded as a tax-paying star enterprise and outstanding party building. The company sent representatives to participate in the commendation meeting.






In recent years, the company has taken "checking hidden dangers, ensuring safety, and promoting production" as a top priority, established a safety production leading group headed by the general manager, and formulated a series of preventive measures and emergency plans for safety production. In carrying out safety production activities, the safety production leading group uses a variety of publicity tools to widely publicize safety production related knowledge to employees, improve safety production rules and regulations, safety production operating procedures, and regularly conduct safety production emergency drills and identify potential safety hazards. By carrying out a series of safety production activities, the safety awareness of employees has been generally improved, and a good atmosphere of "production stresses safety, safety promotes production" has been formed in the company, and good results have been achieved. The company has successively won the titles of "Weihai City Safety Production Standardization Level 3 Enterprise" and "Weihai City Advanced Unit in the Competition for Safety and Health Promotion".

Through carrying out various forms of party building activities, the company has implemented the leadership of party building, and the political and ideological awareness and comprehensive quality of party members have been generally improved. Due to the fruitful development of the company's party building work, which has promoted the company's various work, the company's party branch has also been rated as an advanced grass-roots party organization in districts and towns for many times.