The company successfully passed the annual audit of the quality management system

On January 25, the audit expert group composed of New Century Inspection and Certification Co., Ltd. conducted an annual audit on the operation of the company's quality management system. After the strict audit by the expert group, the company successfully passed the annual audit, which means that the operation of the company's quality management system is sufficient, consistent and effective.

This annual audit is conducted in accordance with the ISO9001:2015 (GB/T19001-2016) quality management system. Experts use methods such as on-site sampling and reviewing document records to conduct product design and development, production and service processes, departments and sites involved. a comprehensive review. During the audit, all departments in the system actively cooperated, answered the questions raised by the audit team seriously and kept records, which ensured the smooth progress of this annual audit.

Through the annual quality management system audit, it has played a positive role in further improving the company's quality management level, consolidating the quality management foundation, and promoting the standardization, standardization and institutionalization of quality management work. The company will continue to improve the quality management system, and strive to provide better products and services for domestic and foreign users.