The company's new products won the provincial equipment manufacturing excellent new products

Recently, Shandong Equipment Manufacturing Association announced the list of "2020 Excellent New Products of Shandong Equipment Manufacturing Industry", and the company's new product independently developed and produced "GBX2600/5×7L(8) inch panel intelligent production line key technology and equipment" on the list.


"Key technology and equipment of GBX2600/5×7L (8 feet) multi-layer board surface board intelligent production line", from wood loading, rounding to rotary cutting, the centering device is designed to prevent logs from deviating; no clamping shaft rotary cutting machine The four-axis intelligent drive of rotary cutting is realized, which improves the thickness accuracy and surface quality of the surface plate, and reduces the phenomenon of back cracking of the veneer; , which improves the stacking stability of the veneer and effectively reduces the damage rate of the veneer.


Shandong Baishengyuan This product passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements organized by the Forest Machinery Association in December 2019, and the overall technology has reached the international advanced level.