Two products developed by the company were rated as "Recommended Products by Industry Association"

On September 7, 2020, the "China Wood Industry Park and Port Industry Development Conference" jointly sponsored by the China Forestry Machinery Association and the China Timber and Wood Products Circulation Association was successfully held in Shanghai. The theme of this conference is "Coping with Challenges, Industrial Integration". While organizing the promotion activities of China Wood Industry Park, it focuses on recommending woodworking intelligent equipment to the Wood Industry Park. At the meeting, a list of recommended products was released. After the review by the expert review committee organized by the China Forest Machinery Association, the company developed and produced 11 products produced by 8 companies including "Intelligent Production Technology and Equipment for Log Peeling and Saw Cutting" and "Panel Production Line". Each product was approved, and the association officially recommended it to the wood industry park and port.


In order to alleviate the negative impact of the new crown epidemic on the production, sales and foreign trade of woodworking machinery enterprises, the China Forestry Machinery Association took the lead in holding this product recommendation activity, aiming to deepen the docking and communication between the wood industry park and port industry and the forestry machinery industry. By strengthening the upstream and downstream synergy of the wood processing industry chain, it will fully stimulate the market vitality, help the member companies of the association overcome the difficulties, and promote the development of forestry machinery to better serve the downstream industry in a green and sustainable direction.



This product recommendation activity adheres to the principle of "openness, fairness and fairness", and adopts a combination of media announcements and expert review. Recommended products can use the title of "China Forestry Machinery Association recommends products to wood industry parks and ports" or "Industry Association Recommended products", and can use the registered trademark of "China Forestry Machinery", and the validity period starts from the date of the official announcement of the recommendation. three years. At the same time, the association has also set up an activity guarantee mechanism to maintain the reputation of the association's recommended products and the brand value of the activity, and requires the 8 member companies that have been promoted to continue to do a good job in improving the quality management system, testing equipment configuration and testing team building. , to ensure that the recommended products are of high quality and maintain the reputation of the recommended products.