The company's technology center and employee Yu Li won the title of Weihai Worker Pioneer and Weihai Worker Innovation Star

Recently, the Weihai City Federation of Trade Unions named and commended 30 departments (teams, workshops) as Weihai City Worker Pioneers, and 10 comrades as Weihai City Employee Innovation Stars. Yu Li, an employee of the company's technology center and the third workshop, won this honor respectively.

The selection of the Weihai Worker Pioneer is to create first-class jobs, have first-class quality, provide first-class services, achieve first-class performance, and form first-class teams in promoting economic development, promoting social progress, and serving the people. It is produced by the selection of workshops, sections, departments, teams, stations (institutions) and other departments. The selection of employee innovation stars focuses on the development of the real economy and focuses on the selection of employee groups in operating positions of enterprises. Selected from employees with innovative spirit, outstanding innovation ability, and outstanding contributions.


Over the years, the company's technology center has insisted on people-oriented, independent innovation, and improving the overall quality of the team as the core work. Through a series of theme activities such as technical ability training and technical competitions, it strives to improve the technical quality of employees, so that the research and development capabilities of the center employees are widely used. It has been developed into a provincial-level enterprise technology center in Shandong Province and a large-scale woodworking machinery engineering technology research center in Shandong Province. In terms of product research and development ideas, they adhere to the development concept of research and development, trial production, pre-research, and exploration, and constantly use new processes, new technologies, and new materials. , has made outstanding contributions to the development of the industry. In recent years, 12 product projects independently developed by the center have passed the technical appraisal, and the technical level has reached the level of filling the domestic gap, leading domestically and internationally. It has won 23 national invention patents, 31 utility model patents, and 1 international invention patent. 10 national industry standards were formulated and revised, and 5 projects won the first (set) product of technical equipment in key fields of Shandong Province. The first prize for outstanding achievements in technological innovation, the first prize for outstanding new products, the first prize for China Forest Products Industry Innovation Award (wood-based panel industry) and many other awards.


Yu Li, a fitter and maintenance worker in the third workshop, is known as the busiest person in the company. He manages and maintains more than 200 large and small production equipment in the company. Whenever the machine tool fails, he will be the first In order not to delay the production, working overtime has become his daily routine, and continuous innovation has become the driving force for him to keep making progress. With his superb skills and innovative work ability, he has ensured the integrity of production equipment and accelerated the pace of enterprise numerical control transformation. In recent years, the machine tools that have undergone numerical control transformation include: 2 CNC lathes, 2 gantry CNC milling machines, 1 vertical and horizontal machining centers, and 1 gantry CNC grinding machine, saving more than 1 million yuan for the company and increasing efficiency by 300 More than 10,000 yuan, has made outstanding contributions in the technological transformation of enterprises, technological breakthroughs, and equipment and technological upgrading. Due to his outstanding work, he himself has successively won the titles of outstanding employees in Weihai City, and his innovative projects have won 1 second prize and 2 third prizes of the "Golden Ideas" Award for Rationalization Suggestion of Weihai Employees, which has created better economic benefits for the enterprise. and social benefits.