The company's new product CNC non-card shaft rotary cutting machine was successfully trial-produced

In order to meet market demand, improve the company's product quality. Recently, the SLK(J)2600 (1350)/5F CNC non-clamping shaft rotary cutting machine developed by the company has been successfully trial-produced.




The main performance of the machine:

The gap between the plate pressure ruler and the rotary knife is driven by a servo motor, which can solve the problem of changing the parameters of the knife gate when rotary cutting different tree species and different thicknesses. Two kinds of knife gates can be preset through servo control. During work, the pressing rate of the pressure ruler and the veneer can be changed at any time, so as to reduce the degree of back cracking of the veneer, improve the smoothness of the veneer, and solve the problem of poor quality of the traditional veneer-free rotary cutting. problem.

The function of CNC variable clearance angle, for different tree species with different thicknesses, can set different clearance angle parameters at any time according to different situations or change the clearance angle by jog at any time, so as to achieve reasonable cutting parameters. The value of the cutting clearance angle of the rotary cutter is displayed on the operation screen, which is convenient for the operator to effectively improve the cutting situation and improve the quality of the veneer according to the cutting parameters.

Single-roller servo feeding function, two kinds of knife gate gaps can be preset for single-roller position, changing plate thickness is convenient and quick, and single-drive roller feeds synchronously during work, which solves the problem of traditional card-free single-roller and log outer circle extrusion or large Or the problem of small and uneven thickness of soft and hard boards.

The double-roller table is driven by servo feed, and the center of the tool rest is fixed. The double-roller table is driven by servo according to the design model to achieve synchronous feeding. At the same time, the system provides the constant diameter of the log for the CNC rear angle servo motor, which solves the problem of feeding. The problem with the linkage with the rear corner.

Single and double rollers drive frequency conversion control to realize variable speed rotary cutting.

The shearing knife shaft is driven by a servo motor to ensure synchronous shearing, the width of the veneer is accurate, the rollers are not eaten, and the vibration of the machine tool is small, so that the life of the components is increased.




Main technical parameters

Maximum peeling length: 2600mm (1350mm)

Maximum peeling diameter: φ480mm

Outboard speed: 40~80m/min (constant line speed is set within the range)

Rotary cut veneer thickness: 0.5~3mm

Final core diameter: φ60mm

Rotary knife size: 2760×200×16mm (1524×200×16mm)

Scissors size: 2750×120×12mm (1500×120×12mm)

Pressure ruler size: 2620×120×21mm (1350×120×21mm)

Single and double roller motor power: 4×11=44kW (4×7.5=30kW)

Feed servo motor power: 11kW (7kW)

Single-roller feed servo motor power: 3.5kW

Pressure gauge feed servo motor power: 1.5kW

CNC rear angle servo motor power: 1.5kW

Hydraulic station motor power: 1.5kW

Cutting Servo Motor Power: 7kW

Anvil roller motor power: 2.2kW

Total equipment power: 72.2kW (54.2kW)

Cardless rotary cutting and shearing system for Mitsubishi

Equipment dimensions: 5110×2150×2060mm (3800×2150×2060mm)

Equipment weight: about 15500kg (12500kg)