The company's two employee representatives' proposals won the third prize of Weihai Outstanding Employee Representative Proposal

Recently, the selection of outstanding employee representatives in Weihai City was announced. The company employee Sha Chongguang's "Proposal to improve the knowledge level of front-line employees and run the company's new and old kinetic energy conversion proposal", Gao Daming's "Proposal for remote installation and troubleshooting for customers through mobile APP video" On the list, won the third prize of Weihai outstanding employee representative proposal

In recent years, the company's trade union has adhered to the concept of "communication to solve problems and democracy to promote development", established and improved the factory affairs openness and democratic management system with the employee representative meeting as the basic form, and regards employee representative election and employee representative proposal work as a good employee. An important part of the congress, as an important system for the employee congress to implement democratic management and supervision of employees, to unblock democratic management channels, and to give full play to the wisdom and strength of the employees, it continuously strengthens the collection, processing and implementation of employee representative proposals, and promotes the The employee representative meeting is the basic form of the standardized, institutionalized and standardized development of the democratic management of employees, and the ability of employee representatives to perform their duties has been continuously improved; the quality and efficiency of the work of the employee representative assembly has been continuously improved; The sense of responsibility and innovation has been continuously enhanced. The majority of employee representatives actively focus on key issues such as promoting the development of the enterprise, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the employees and building a harmonious labor relationship, brainstorming, offering suggestions, fulfilling their duties, striving to improve the quality of proposals, and constantly enhancing their enthusiasm and initiative to participate in and discuss government affairs, in order to promote the enterprise Administration by law, democratic decision-making and service enterprise development have played an important role.

In this selection, the federation of trade unions in each district and city conducted a preliminary evaluation on the proposals of employee representatives in their respective jurisdictions, and then recommended the best ones to the Weihai Federation of Trade Unions. The Weihai Federation of Trade Unions finally selected 70 “Proposals for Outstanding Employee Representatives in Weihai City”, including 10 first prizes, There are 20 second prizes and 40 third prizes. The Municipal Federation of Trade Unions will notify and commend the winning proposals and give certain rewards.