Ministry of Commerce Issues Questionnaire on Polyphenylene Ether Countervailing Case

1. The Ministry of Commerce issued a questionnaire on the anti-subsidy case of polyphenylene ether

2. The Eurasian Economic Union initiates an anti-dumping investigation on melamine in China

3. South Africa (on behalf of the Southern African Customs Union-SACU) initiates a safeguard investigation on imported iron or steel hexagon head bolt products

4. Morocco made a final ruling on the safeguard measures case for imported steel pipe products, ruling to levy a 25% safeguard measure tax.

5. India initiates anti-dumping investigation on China-related sodium bisulfite

6. The 37th week of the Rapid Alert System for Non-Food Products (RAPEX) of the League Committee

7. The United States made a final anti-dumping ruling on glass containers, ruling to levy anti-dumping duties ranging from 31.07% to 255.68%.

8. The U.S. ITC issued a final ruling on part 337 of plastic floor products