12 employees of the company have been recognized by the first batch of enterprise skilled talents self-evaluation

Recently, 12 employees of the company obtained the vocational skill level certificate issued by the company, and became the first batch of beneficiaries of the company's self-evaluation of skilled talents.


This self-assessment is the first batch of work that the company has obtained to carry out the enterprise self-assessment vocational skill level identification. The content and form are based on the company's actual situation and in accordance with Shandong Province's "Implementation Opinions on Comprehensively Carrying out the Self-Evaluation of Enterprise Skilled Talents (Trial)" document. The evaluation is in the form of appraisal and appraisal, focusing on the professional ability of employees. It takes the form of a combination of theoretical assessment and practical assessment to assess the comprehensive level, work performance, professional ethics and craftsmanship of employees. The 12 employees who participated in the assessment passed the assessment of their comprehensive theoretical and practical abilities. 3 employees obtained senior technicians, 7 employees obtained technicians, and 2 employees obtained senior vocational qualification certificates.




In recent years, the company has attached great importance to the cultivation of high-skilled talents, regularly organized various skills training, and the skill level of employees has been generally improved. Up to now, the company has 16 senior technicians, 23 technicians, and 29 senior workers. High-skilled talents account for more than 70% of the front-line employees. They play a major role in the production of the enterprise and contribute to the high-quality development of the enterprise. laid a solid foundation.